Living the High Life

I had dreams. Daydreams, fanciful thoughts, fantasies even. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect what I have now!


In high school and college I dreamed of living in the country & marrying a farm boy. I imagined breakfasts of eggs and pancakes, chores, a big garden, kids wearing overalls. You get the picture. Well here I am. I’m twenty-eight years old and married to a rancher. We have two sweatpants-clad babies. I grew some tomatoes this year in my garden IN TOWN. And, most mornings, including weekends, our breakfasts consist of cereal or Poptarts. Things may not be what I had dreamed…they’re better!
I’m blessed to have a cozy house, a loving husband who makes time for his family, two stinkin’ cute baby boys, a job I enjoy, a supportive & active community, a sister who only lives two hours away…the list goes on and on.
It’s Friday night, and I’m donning the same SDSU sweats I’ve worn for the last nine years. Chet and I went for a quick walk in this beautiful winter wonderland. Now, it’s 9:30, and I’m looking forward to reading a bit and going to bed.
I tell my coworkers that we have to get excited about the little things. The little things like wearing your favorite sweats and watching TV with your family is what keeps this world from going completely crazy.


Enjoy your weekend and bundle up!
May God bless you with more than you could ever dream,
The Displaced City Girl

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