Happy Holidays

It’s holiday time at the ranch. You know what that means: cattle work. Wednesday was a beautiful December day in northern South Dakota.  Although the temperature was a little chilly, there really was little wind. John, Perry, Ken, and I vaccinated about 100 heifers. That is very important work in the cattle business. We don’t want our cattle to get sick or get others sick; which is the same reason people get vaccinated. 

How a real ranch wife dresses for the cold
John putting the bangs tattoo on
Ken clipping the bangs tag on
My desk
Larry & Ken: Odde Brothers Working Together
John & Carl: More Odde Brothers

Yesterday, John fed the cows an alfalfa bale as a Christmas treat. I’m sure they loved it. After chores, we all went sledding behind the Pioneer.  The kids (even the adults!) had a blast! Dr. Odde is quite the extreme driver. He gave us a lesson in thrill seeking: in order to get a thrill, some level of fear needs to exist. I’m thinking we need to take him to Six Flags.

Aubry & me getting ready to sled
John & Gunder getting ready to sled

Today is a lazy day. The boys and I are spending our morning at home in sweat pants getting things done around the house. My fridge is sparkling clean!  John’s at the ranch doing chores.
It’s a beautiful sunny day today, so John and Ken will probably preg-check some cattle this afternoon. 

I can’t believe I only have a week left before returning to school. The time goes quickly. But, as Gunder whines from his crib I might just be ready to return to middle school kids sooner than I think.

I truly hope you feel all the blessings around you this holiday season.  We sure are lucky to have wonderful friends & family in our lives.


From our ranch to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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