The Gap

Recently I learned about “the gap.” No, not the clothing store that was extremely famous in the 90s, but the thigh gap that apparently is all the rage right now.

Are you kidding me, World? This is what we’ve been reduced to? No longer are we supposed to long for the hair of the girl next to us in math class or the haircut of the gal we saw at the grocery store. Nope, instead we’re supposed to yearn for the extra inches between our thighs like the woman on the cover Women’s “Health.” It’s sad.

My friend Naomi once told me that it’s good to be a full-figured gal. She says that a man needs a wife strong enough to carry the other side of the deep freeze. 🙂 I think she’s on to something.

I think at one time the Midwest was safe from the pressures of vanity. However the Internet and other media has taken away our wonderful seclusion. As for me, I’m proud to be a cornfed, beef-eating, rancher’s wife. Hopefully today you’ll remember how beautiful you are & not strive to be the gal on TV.

From my thick thighs to yours of any size,
The Displaced City Girl

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