Back to the City

Minnehaha County greeted the boys and me with open arms on Friday night. We left the North Country after school on Friday and rolled into my parents’ place a little after ten. After a snack and a wardrobe change (out of sweats; into pjs), we all went to bed. The real fun began on Saturday morning.

Here’s what my fabulous girl’s day looked like:
1. Took a bath & got ready to head into Sioux Falls


2. Dropped off cards at the Larsons’ house
3. Washed the Subaru


4. Drove down Louise Ave and got nostalgic


5. Ran to the mall to pick up a last minute present because living in God’s Country isn’t ideal for shopping.  It is, however, good for isolation, over-priced milk, and lots of wind.
6. Met the girls at 8th & RR (I LOVE dowtown Sioux Falls) to load up in a van to travel to a couple wineries.
7. Went to Calico Skies near Canton, SD.


Cassi's friend Janelle made the wine glass skirts. Cute huh?

8. Loaded all 15 ladies back in the van & drove to Crooks, SD, to visit Strawbale Winery




9. We ended our day back downtown at Prairie Berry East Bank, which is my new favorite place!



10. After some evening shenanigans with some great friends, I called it a night.
Today, the boys and I loaded back up, and made the journey half way across the state. Despite the incredible number of hours in the car, I had a wonderful weekend.  I wish I could do it more often.

Missing the City but Glad to be Home,
The Displaced City Girl

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