That Time of Year

This time of year is hard for me.  I wish it wasn’t, but every year I go through the same thing.  It’s calving season at the ranch.  This is an exciting time that is very busy for John and the K-State interns.  This means that the boys and I spend a lot of time together in town.  Wrangling two over-tired-from-daycare boys in the house because it is too windy to be outside 90% of the time wears on me.  In addition, it is the end of the school year. If you or someone close to you has ever worked in the school system, you know that 4th quarter can generally be summed up best with the title “The 9-Week Long Witching Hour.” Everyone is crabby, tired, tested-out, and ready for summer break.  Despite the stressors, I am trying to keep a positive attitude, but most days this isn’t easy.  I’m trying.  I’m trying.

The community group I am in will be hosting a vendor show this weekend.  This is always a fun and busy day.  For one day, our small town becomes a little shopping center.  With over forty-five vendors, a variety of people are drawn to town to shop and browse. This evening and tomorrow will be busy with setting up and working at the show.

Sunday is Rogation Sunday.  This is a pretty big deal at our little country church.  There will be tractors, sprayers, shovels, and seed packets all waiting to be blessed by Pastor Dennis.  According to the weather forecast, we are supposed to get some rain.  There isn’t much better than a spring shower to show us that God is looking out for all of the ranchers, farmers, and gardeners in the area.

If you could please keep the working moms in your prayers, it would be appreciated.  We try.  We fail.  We keep on going.

From my crazy life to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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