Branding Preparations

Uff da! I can feel another gray hair sprouting. Our branding from Saturday was moved to tomorrow.  Tomorrow! The day after today! How am I going to have everything ready? Last night, I made cowboy beans, granola bars, & rice krispy bars. Tonight I made BBQ & pasta salad. But, even after making that much food, why is it that it never looks like enough?
I’m done with school tomorrow at one. The boys and I will immediately head to the ranch to help get food ready, and in good tradition, I’ll throw some calves (just to show those young kids what’s up). Wish us luck!
Oh, you’re looking for something to do tomorrow?  Grab your boots and a potato salad, and head our way.

The Displaced City Girl

One thought on “Branding Preparations

  1. Quit your whining and step up to the plate as a “Ranchwife”. LOL
    I found out this morning about 10 am that we were branding today about 4 pm. Yes we only had about 70 calves to do and I only had to feed and beer 12 people but I made it work and I know you will too. It’s just what we do as wives of ranchers. Hang tough! It will work out!!!

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