Small Town Pride

I recently got a message from a cousin from California. We started talking about how things are currently going for us both, and he thought it was funny when I mentioned how small our town is. He said by California standards, the city of 40,000 people where he lives is considered small. Well, I’ll tell you that his town has nothing (except maybe a Walmart or two) on us.

Tonight, the group of gals that I am doing yoga with finished up our third class. On the first night of class, seventeen ladies came to practice! It was awesome.  As I walked across the gym floor tonight with the keys in my hand, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am. I live in a town that is filled with supportive, uplifting, generous people. Our community is so close-knit that I am able to borrow the keys to the community center in order to teach yoga to several community members. As, I write this, the Men’s Club is setting up for the 37th Annual Pollock Men’s Club Walleye Tournament.  How cool is it that the entire town comes together to do something like that?

This summer will mark another All School Reunion in Pollock, South Dakota. Everyone has been working together to prepare the town for the celebration which will take place in conjunction with Dairy Days. It pleases me so much to be part of a community with such pride.

I wish you all a great weekend, and I hope you can get out and enjoy your wonderful communities. 
God Bless,
The Displaced City Girl

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