Midsummer Ranch Life

It’s crazy for me to think that the 4th of July is this weekend already.  Before I know it, school will be starting. Until that time, however, life is keeping us busy on the ranch.


Today we had to work about twenty calves in order to get more pairs out to pasture. Because of the wonderfully wet and rainy spring we’ve had, there’s so much grass for the cattle this year. Anyway, this morning, we grabbed our coffee cups, boots, and, in my case, a fifteen year old volleyball sweatshirt and headed out.
We’ve been blesssed with great neighbors, particularly neighbors with big strong sons who happen to be pretty good at wrangling calves. Today, Quinten (neighbor boy) and I were on the ground with the calves, while John roped off of our horse Nickel. I also gave shots, while my father-in-law branded and did the other work.


I recently had a friend tell me that my husband isn’t a real cowboy because he doesn’t wear a cowboy hat every day or chew tobacco. Uff da! This awesome cattle man who can rope & ride and don a pair of Wranglers like nobody’s business is definitely a real cowboy in any sense of the word I’ve ever known.  Jeeze I’m a lucky gal.

From our ranch to yours, enjoy the blessed holiday weekend!
God bless the USA,
The Displaced City Girl

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