Fix-It-Herself Projects

Being married to a rancher is generally chaotic and busy. John and I don’t get much one-on-one time or time together to do little projects around the house. Because we don’t have nights or weekends like 9-5ers to get things done, I often take matters into my own hands. This drives John nuts, but if I didn’t do these things nothing would ever get accomplished.  For example, last summer when I was just weeks then days away from having a baby, I painted the exterior of our house. It needed to be done, and if I wouldn’t have done it, it still wouldn’t be finished. It’s not perfect (it’s pink…pregnant ladies shouldn’t make big decisions), but it’s done.

My latest project is working on our laundry room. This is something we’ve talked about doing since we bought this house almost three years ago. Yesterday I got out the drill and saw and took apart some cupboards. With the help of a neighbor, we hauled the cupboards out to the trailer to go to the dump. But now I’m at a stand-still. The lower cupboards won’t budge, so my house is in complete disarray just in time for the weekend. Of course. 🙂


If you know of a handyman looking for work, send him my way! I definitely need some assistance.

Lord, grant me patience! For now I need to be satisfied with what I have finished and close the door to the disaster for the time being.

Wishing my dad was next door to help,
The Displaced City Girl

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