Title Unimportant

I’m a teacher. I hope that’s something I’m remembered for. I love my job. Well, it isn’t a “job” really. It pays some bills, but it’s more than that for me. Without teaching I’m not sure what I’d be.

Tonight I had the opportunity to have two of my students babysit for me. This is not something most moms get. I know these girls very well. I’ve seen them almost every day for two years. I know their siblings and their parents. I trust them. What more could you want in a sitter?

It’s the local celebration and reunion in town this weekend.  It’s a lot of fun. This year is the first time since we’ve lived in town that I’ve taken part in any of the festivities.  I’ve either been pregnant or had a tiny baby at home. It was great fun tonight. 

Tonight, though, was strange. I’m at the point in life when I see former students with a beer in their hand.  I’m not sure how to handle these situations.  I am pretty sure it’s awkward for them, especially when I get super excited to hear a Blink-182 song from when I was in middle school.  🙂

Anyway, I know this is a kind of rambling.  But I guess what I’m really thinking is that I hope these kids remember me like I remember them. They’re each such treasures in this world, and if I’ve impacted them even a fraction of how they’ve impacted me, then I’m ahead in this game (including you two babysitters).

Good night & happy Dairy Days,
Mrs. Odde

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