My Yoga Gals

I know the greatest ladies. I’m not talking about mediocre gals, I’m talking about hard-working, dedicated, loving, caring, health-concious, kind women. These are my yoga gals.

This summer, on Tuesdays and Thursdays (most weeks), I have hosted yoga classes in the Pollock gymnasium. This opportunity was graciously awarded to me by our town board members. Each week, ladies show up to breathe and bend. After a day of changing diapers, answering phones, sorting mail, managing offices, and working cattle, they come to enjoy what only yoga can offer.

These ladies probably think they’re the ones benefiting from the sessions, but I think I benefit more. To be surrounded by such positive women makes my heart warm. That’s why I just had to share this as I sip my evening tea in a wonderfully silent kitchen.


Tonight I pray that you can feel the same support and happiness in your lives.

God Bless,
The Displaced City Girl

2 thoughts on “My Yoga Gals

  1. I have to honestly tell you that I would love to be with you and your Yoga class at this moment. Sad thing is, I will not be able to find inner peace for at least 2 weeks 😦

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