My 10-Year Reunion

My family loaded up the pickup early Friday morning and took off for Minnehaha County. The reason? To celebrate ten years since graduating high school and meet up with old friends.


Even John joined in for a photo

On Friday evening, about twenty-five of my classmates met for a pork loin sandwich dinner. Then, most of us went to the street dance. I had so much fun spending time with my friends as well as meeting the spouses of my former classmates, too.

On Saturday morning, my family woke up early as usual and went back to Colton for the Jubilee Days parade. The boys (mostly my dad) had a great time catching candy and waving at the tractors.




Alicia & me (don't look a day over 14)

I have always been told that most people don’t change. Going back to a reunion made me realize this. Is it good or bad? I don’t think it matters. But I can say that being back in my old stomping grounds with the “kids” I spent over thirteen years with was a good time. In some ways it felt like none of us had ever left.

Hopefully the next time we all have the chance to get together more people will attend. There were a lot of people that I would have loved to catch up with, but it’s difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedules.

Here’s to another ten,
The Displaced City Girl

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