A Weekend Full of Friends

One of my best friends got married this past weekend to one of the coolest girls ever. She’s one of those gals you kind of want to hate, but you can’t because she’s too awesome. It was definitely one of the most fun weddings I have been to in awhile.


Odd as it may be, I didn’t need to travel back to the big city to see my friends and celebrate this wedding.  Instead Minnehaha County went to McPherson County for a wonderful celebration. We only had to travel about seventy miles from home.

Spending time with the folks a person grows up with is so much fun. We all reminisced about the trouble we used to cause and all of the fun we had. In my life, many things have changed, but seeing my close high school friends never gets old. It’s always like we pick up right where we left off.


I’m thankful for all of the friends in my life. No matter where we end up, we’ve remained in contact. Hopefully it isn’t too long before we get together again.

God Bless,
The Displaced City Girl

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