Two Little Boys Take Kansas

Our little boys had the time of their lives over the weekend. On Thursday, we hit the road for Manhattan, Kansas, to visit my husband’s parents. After eleven hours in the car, the boys were excited to be anywhere, but they were filled with joy when they figured out we were at “Grandma’s House.”

Kansas has kind of become a bad word at our house. Every time grandma or an intern leaves, they always go to “Kansas.” So, it was good for Gunder to see that Kansas is actually a really fun place.

On Friday, when we arrived in Manhattan, we spent time with Cowboy Wyatt (a college student from KSU who did an internship at our ranch last spring) before heading to the university for the Animal Science and Industry Family and Friends Reunion. My father-in-law had told us about all of the good food and activities for kids, but we were really in for a surprise when we got there. Under a 40′ x 100′ tent, farm toys were set up EVERYWHERE! There was a corn pile, sand pit, dirt pit, tractors on turf so even babies could play, The Happy Toy Maker display, Little Buster toys, a pedal pull for the big kids, and a birthing station where kids were taught how to pull a calf. It was amazing. Our little boys wouldn’t have been more excited if we’d gone to Disneyland.



On Saturday, we spent the whole day at John’s parents’ house. We had a BBQ with our former interns, and one of them, Mark, spent the rest of the afternoon with us (mostly the boys). After hours of play time, Mark, John, Ken, and I went to the K-State vs. TCU football game. The boys didn’t mind one bit, because they knew they’d be spoiled by grandma while we were gone.


The trip went too fast, as usual. We drove 1,400 miles in 3.5 days. But, it was totally worth it. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have the loving, wonderful in-laws that I do. My boys have amazing grandparents (on both sides). I am looking forward to making the trip again next year.




Go Wildcats!

The Displaced City Girl

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