A Day in the Life…

It’s October 17th, and it finally feels like fall is here to stay. We’ve had a hard freeze, the leaves are falling, and two pumpkins adorn my front step.

Here’s what this beautiful autumn day was like in the world of The Displaced City Girl.

6:00 AM – wake up to two little boys, start the coffee, throw some breakfast together

7:00 AM – John woke up and helped me set up the ladder, so I could finish painting the stairway.

8:00 AM – cleaned up my paint supplies, loaded the troops up in the Outback, delivered John and Gunder to a hay field


9:00 AM – ordered two cans of paint in order to finish painting the basement

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM – fed children, put them down for naps, painted the basement


3:00 PM – Played at the park, Chet ran away, looked for Chet, found Chet





4:00 PM – Finished painting the second coat in the basement


5:00 PM – John made supper for all of us

6:00 PM – Bath time for the boys!

We each get 24 hours every day to do with what we wish; hopefully your day was filled with as many wonderful things as mine!

Wishing you a lovely evening,
The Displaced City Girl

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…

  1. Love your little stories! Looks like you have your hands full! You should have sent the boys our way today, we were playing in the backyard all afternoon! Thanks for the great picture!
    Linda & Kent.

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