Making More Jam

The Working Rancher’s Wife

My husband ranches.  I teach.  Our paths cross over breakfast and supper.  I once heard the saying, “Behind every good rancher is a wife who works in town.”  This is both humorous, and in our case, true! When I have a day away from school, I enjoy spending time on the ranch, hauling cattle, helping fix fence, or assisting with any of a variety of tasks that need to be done.  However, most of my free time is spent with laundry and cleaning, both of which I find oddly therapeutic.  During my time at home, I find many other things to occupy my time.

Over the weekend my friend, Holly, made the journey to my house to help me make rhubarb-strawberry jam.  My two rhubarb patches provided plentiful crops again this year, and I had enough to freeze quite a bit.  The frozen fruit is what we used to make, what I found out that day, Holly’s first batch of jam! How exciting, right?!  While consuming an entire pot of mocha-flavored coffee (Folgers, by the way, because there is nothing fancier within a 100 mile radius), we managed to can two batches of jam.

As the wife of a rancher, my time is usually occupied with things unrelated to the ranch life.  What all of us rancher’s wives need to remember is that what we do is important to the operation: bring home a paycheck, keep the family fed, and always be ready to pull a trailer when asked.

Remember fellow ranch wives, make the most of those spare moments, because there definitely aren’t many.

God Bless You!

The Displaced City Girl

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