The Basement: My Part-time Job

Our basement is coming along. I had hopes of it being done by Christmas, but I think I just saw a snowflake, and my staining station is set up where carpet should be located. Well, it might be time to set a new deadline (that’s what you do when the original deadline isn’t met, right?) and really kick this project into gear again.

Tonight we put the boys to bed, and I ducked downstairs to put the second coat of stain on one set of trim and do the first coat on another set. It should be noted that while I did that my husband finished the dishes and took my brownies out of the oven; he rocks!


My life is so similar to the life of a Kardashian that I sometimes think my name is Khloe (because she’s the tall one). One of these days I’ll ditch the stained sweatshirt for an unstained sweatshirt (Because who am I kidding? I only wear sweatshirts) and watch a few reruns of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in our brand new basement just for celebration’s sake.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Friday!

The Displaced City Girl

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