Oh Christmas Tree

I’ve seen many posts on social media lately about the disaster of combining toddlers and Christmas trees. Luckily, in our home, we’ve never had any issues with the tree. With a few “No no, don’t touch”es the boys are good to go.


We’ve been patiently (well maybe not so patiently) waiting to have our basement carpet installed. The plan was to set the tree up in our new basement. As always, my impatience won. The boys and I hauled the decorations upstairs and set up the tree, because the carpet hasn’t been installed yet.
Our house is cozy in the small sense of the word. In order to set the tree up, toys, books, and furniture have to be moved. But, all the work was worth it. The tree looks beautiful, and the boys were so sweet while helping set it up.




Merry Christmas from our home to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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