It’s Cattle Season!

The majority of the Earth’s population measures the year in seasons.  This is a nice, simple way to get excited about the changes that surround us.  It also gives us things to look forward to.  However, there is one season that knows no end: cattle season.

My husband probably (undoubtedly) gets annoyed with me asking him, “What does your day look like today?”  His answer is usually the same every day, “Feeding and whatever else needs to get done.” That is about what it is like in the life of a cattleman. Just like children, the cows need to eat every single day.  After that, the day can lead in many different directions.  As I think about this, a cattleman’s life is very similar to a drifter, although more purposeful.  Maybe I will get John one of those trendy “Wanderlust” t-shirts that have been sprouting up on the internet like gray hairs on my in-need-of-a-dye-job hair.

By the time a rancher has made it through calving, branding, fencing, hauling cattle to pasture, checking, hauling cattle home, weening, and selling, it is time to start all over again. And, if the work is momentarily finished at your place, you know the neighbor will be calling asking for help, any second.  Now that you’re thinking about it, you better make sure you’re ringer is on; it won’t be long before you’ll be calling for help with an angry heifer or pulling a stubborn calf.

Always remember to enjoy the season, whether it is Christmas or cattle!

The Displaced City Girl


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