The Show Must Go On

It’s a snow day. In order to keep the snide remarks at bay, I left the exclamation mark off of that first sentence. You know, because the life of a teacher is all about weekends, summers, and snow days, right?

Well, despite having no classes today, the cattle still need to be fed and snow needs to be moved. So, the boys and I bundled up and went to the ranch this morning with John.


After a path was shoveled, it was fairly smooth sailing because the plow had recently passed. But, I’m thankful that I didn’t have to haul our little boys forty miles to school & daycare today.



The boys could spend all day playing in the shop. There’s an abundance of mischief just waiting to be caused there.


I believe the last accumulation total I heard was six inches with more to come along with some wind. Hopefully everyone is safe today.


From our winter wonderland to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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