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Friends & Family,
I’ve been busy. So have you. I won’t bore you with details, but here’s a quick list of things I’ve been up to that have kept me from writing.
1. Teaching 8th graders how to debate (about rock stars)
2. Feeding two toddlers, a husband, and a dog
3. Daily laundry (When do I reach the end of the pile?)
4. Preparing a sermon for Sunday worship
5. Studying/keeping up on the legislative session & education topics

Anyway, here’s the cool thing: no matter how busy I am, I read. I read every single day. There was a millisecond after having my first baby that I thought to myself, “I’m never going to have time to read again!” Well, we can cough that one up to one of many overreactions from this mama.

Tonight, I decided to catch up on my reading journal. It’s a brown leather book in which I keep track of the books I read. I started this in 2010 and have tried to jot down a little bit about each book I finish. Because I read quickly and often, some books are lost in the chaos and don’t make it to the journal.


In my opinion, reading is the most important factor in being an educated individual. My students and I talk almost daily about the different things we’ve learned through reading. It is my hope that they’ll continue to read and appreciate the written word.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve read six books this month. The one I’d most recommend is The Alchemist. If you haven’t read it, you need to. It’s life changing. It is one of those books that answers so many questions while leaving you completely questioning and figuring out your own life. You can pick up a copy here for less than five dollars.

I hope that through all of the craziness in your lives, you are able to find time to put away the phone, turn off the television, and find something enjoyable to read.

From my book shelf to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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