Beautiful Weekend

Our weekend was beautiful.  Both boys were a little sick, but we still managed to venture outdoors and enjoy the forty degree weather. I think we need to enjoy it while we can, because spring in South Dakota is generally non-existent.  Farmers’ superstition says that ninety days after thick fog snow will fly.  It was awfully foggy towards the end of January, which means we can be expecting snow instead of sunshine at the end of April, right in the midst of calving season.  Therefore, we need to get outside and enjoy the fresh air as often as possible when the weather is pleasant.

Our boys love being outside.  They trudged through the snow in their little boots to play on the playground equipment.  I warned them that it would be a little chilly, but neither of them were concerned in the least.  We loaded our pockets with tissues, packed a couple of water bottles, and spent about forty minutes sliding down the slides and climbing on the jungle gym.

When we returned home, we made delicious chocolate cookies.  The boys even licked the beaters clean for me (despite advice from my husband, I DID wash the beaters before placing them back in the drawer). The recipe I used is no longer available online, I have no idea what kind of weird internet deletions could have happened in the last 24 hours.  Instead, you can use this recipe for almost the same cookie by my dear friend Ree “The Pioneer Woman” (Ok, we’re not really friends, but we should be, because she is fabulous.) It must be noted that the reason I did not use Ree’s recipe to begin with is that I don’t normally have fancy things like baking chocolate just lying around my kitchen like she does.

So, here I am at the end of Monday.  I like Mondays because they are new and fresh, but I always feel quite satisfied knowing I survived another one.  Teachers can never be quite sure of the mess they’ll get from their students first thing on a Monday morning. My dear friend Katie over at A House with Character and I were talking last week about the days of the week.  We decided Wednesday is definitely the stinky armpit of the week, and we aren’t there yet.  We’ll count that as a blessing.

From my keyboard for your reading pleasure (I hope!),

The Displaced City Girl


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