The Minnesota Children’s Museum

The museum was on my to-do list of places to visit over the long weekend. It turned out to be a great idea because it was only 5° F outside, so the zoo was out of the question.

The boys loved pretending to grocery shop. It was definitely more peaceful watching them “buy” plastic apples and potatoes than taking them to the actual grocery store.


In addition to the grocery store/restaurant room, we played with blocks, worked at a pretend construction site, and played with ping pong balls in a fabulous display of water and PVC pipe.



We didn’t spend much time wandering around St. Paul due to the frigid weather, but I am already looking forward to visiting this summer. There is much more to explore, and I absolutely love the Twin Cities! I think the boys enjoyed the big city, too. After leaving the museum, they plopped their happy tails down on the cat walk to watch the cars drive underneath. This was their favorite part of the museum visit, of course.

Now it’s back to Small Town, South Dakota, where life is no less hectic just a lot less populated.

For now,
The Displaced City Girl

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