73° and Sunny, So What’s the Problem?

We have recently experienced some unseasonably warm weather in northern South Dakota. If we were normal people who vacationed, lounged in the yard on Saturday afternoons, or just had no cattle, days like these wouldn’t be a worry. However, on a cattle ranch the weather is always over analyzed whether the weather is pleasant or unpleasant.

The reason the warm weather is a bit nerve-racking is that extreme temperature changes are difficult to adjust to for both cattle and humans. In us, the weather changes may cause runny noses and sore throats. But it can cause stress which leads to weight gain issues in cattle, and in some cases birth complications. Ranchers always want what’s best for the cattle. Therefore unusual weather patterns tend to be a little stressful.

Here’s a little prayer as we prepare for calving season on our ranch:
Dear God,
We’re grateful for the mild weather and the rain that has come when needed. Please keep the weather steady; we’re OK without surprises. As the calves hit the ground, please envelop them in your love and protection. We’ve been saved by your grace and are unworthy. We’ll try to love like you, but need your guidance especially when times get tough. We pray that every rancher feels your presence during this miraculous yet stressful time.
In your Holy name we pray,

From our pasture to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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