Camp of the Cross

I spent part of my weekend at Camp of the Cross near Garrison, ND. I was invited by the Western North Dakota Synod and Pastor Dennis of my church, Norway Lutheran, to attend an overnight retreat. This has been an absolute gift from God.


It’s been a few years since I have been given the chance to get away and spend time with Christian friends in this kind of atmosphere. The fellowship, worship, and sharing of the Eucharist was a gift I won’t soon forget. I’m especially thankful for my husband for taking sole responsibility of the boys, so I could be away for a night. He’s amazing and wonderful.


We were given plenty of time for reflection and guided activities. Time is such a precious commodity, and having time to reflect on Christ in such a beautiful setting as Lake Sakakawea was awesome. Through different activities, the sixteen of us at the retreat had many opportunities to converse and praise together.  I’m thankful for my new friends.


As we enter Holy Week, remember that this week has a lot to do with you. Yes, you. Christ fulfilled His promises through His death and resurrection. We are beloved children of God, and there is no better time to give thanks for that amazing gift than this week as we approach Easter.

From my kitchen table to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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