Easter Weekend in Minnehaha County

As I just typed the title to this blog post, I realized the majority of my weekend wasn’t spent in Minnehaha County at all, but really Lincoln County! What the heck?! My parents are officially living in their barn near Canton now.
Our Easter weekend began with a six hour drive to my parents’ house. The boys were excited to be released from the Subaru, and I was excited to get to Sioux Falls for a nice dinner with my dear friend Cassi. I enjoyed a cocktail, lobster appetizer, and a delicious burger at Tres Lounge.


After dinner, we decided we weren’t done chatting, so we went down the road to Kaladis for a cup of tea. We are officially old, huh?
On Saturday morning my sister and I left our boys at the farm and went to Southeastern Hair Design for a haircut. I have a difficult time finding time for hair appointments in our area, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go someplace new. The gal who cut my hair was a doll named Hannah. I received an amazing scalp massage, a nice hair cut, and enjoyed a cup of coffee. It was great.


                     This is Hannah.

The rest of our weekend was spent lounging at my mom and dad’s new barn house. Gunder was disappointed to find out that his Papa Essie keeps no cows in his barn house. Because we were away from our beloved Norway Lutheran Church, the boys and I went with my mom to Canton Lutheran Church. Their pastor touched our hearts and made us laugh, which is cool to me.
Hopefully it isn’t too long before I am back, dear Sioux Falls area.

From me to you,
The Displaced City Girl

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