Moving on Up…to the Big Boy Bed

We hit a milestone on Mother’s Day this year; our three year old moved to a big boy bed.  Our Tiny Tot decided to start climbing out of the crib, so we had to do some bed switching. On Saturday the boys and I went to my sister’s house to pick up a bed she said we could have.  This was extremely generous of her, and the bed matches the rest of the boys’ furniture perfectly (Thanks Seestor!).  My only request for Mother’s Day was to spend time with my family and get some projects done around the house.  So, on Sunday we rearranged the boys’ room and set up the new twin bed.


Gunny was so excited about his new bed that he couldn’t even eat his supper.  He would take a bite of macaroni then dash down the hallway.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, “I so ‘cited!  I just looking at my big boy bed.”  These moments of sheer excitement and joy are moments to be remembered.  That is the glue of life, right?


Taking down the crib produced some crazy feelings in this mama.  The crib had been set up for over three years.  To realize that our little guys are growing up makes my heart a little sad, but also kind of excited.  Every step is such a gift, and I know we have just begun this parenting adventure.  But taking down the crib and knowing there isn’t a baby around to fill it anymore makes my heart a little heavy.


To all of my mama friends out there, remember to enjoy all of the moments.  It all goes so fast.  Sure the kids are cranky or hungry or fighting or the house is an utter disaster, but this moment will pass in a heartbeat.  Enjoy it, dear.  We’ll miss this.

God bless you!

The Displaced City Girl

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