Shout Out to Moms

Moms, you rock.  You aren’t told that enough. Here is a list of reasons why you are amazing, and this world cannot function without you.

  1.  You remembered the snacks.  THANK GOODNESS you remembered the snacks.
  2. You bring your whiney, grumpy, sleepy tots to church on Sundays and endure the agony of it all with a smile on your face.
  3. You worked all day.  ALL day.
  4. Your family has clean clothes to wear; thanks for that!
  5. You got those birthday cards, anniversary cards, and sympathy cards sent out to your loved ones.
  6. You changed the toilet paper roll, took out the garbage, and picked up the little kid (and husband) underwear off the bathroom floor.
  7. The family is fed.  Lucky Charms?  Who cares; they are fed.
  8. You did all of the household shopping with kids in tow and didn’t forget a thing (or at least nothing you have to admit).
  9. Somehow in the mad rush to get out of the house this morning, you remembered to get dressed yourself.
  10. You also remembered to feed the dog.  The dog thanks you.

Mom friends, I know why you don’t have time to text or call or get together often.  I understand why life gets crazy.  I am living it.



You are a rockstar!  Keep up the good fight, moms!

From my mess to yours,

The Displaced City Girl

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