Two Toddlers for Sale

We’ll start the bidding at…actually make an offer; I’m simply looking for a buyer.

After being in the laundry for approximately a millisecond, I came back to this in my kitchen:

Sharpie Graffiti

Apparently my children are super speed ninjas. While I was in the laundry room, they got up to the counter, found a Sharpie, uncapped the Sharpie, and both took turns trying out their street art capabilities. This was all done in time for the Big One to hide under my bed and leave the Tiny One at the crime scene.

While practing his gang-like activities, he must've decided to try out a facial tattoo.
Evidence left on his fingers

After twenty minutes of scrubbing with baking soda, the cupboard is back to normal. I can skip my arm workout for today, thanks to these hooligans. 

Anyway, I’ll even throw in a fresh box of baking soda with the purchase of these two stinkers.

From my crazy life to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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