Plum Paper Planners

I am a planner.  I like having things written down in front of me.  If this does not happen, all chaos ensues. My digital calendar in my smart phone remains empty, because unless something is written down with a pencil or pen, it just isn’t truly written down at all.

Each fall the teachers are given planners from the school.  These are not teacher planners, they are extra student planners.  They work, but they are not great.  Therefore, about a year ago I went on the hunt for a custom planner.  I needed one that started in June, had blank columns where I could write daily plans, yet it still needed a full month layout as well.  Thank goodness for Etsy. This is where all things good and wonderful come from on the Internet.


PlumPaperDesigns creates the cutest custom planners and notebooks.  Mine from last year is worn out and used up, so I ordered my new one.  PlumPaperDesigns notified me this morning that it shipped today!  I cannot wait to start filling in my new planner with all of the great things that are happening this summer. The first of which is a visit from my dear friend Katie over at A House with Character.

From my desk to yours,

The Displaced City Girl


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