Old Boots

Eight years ago, when I arrived at the ranch for the first time, I had recently purchased a new pair of boots. They were practical and relatively cute. The boots needed to be versatile. Little did I know where those boots would take me.


Here we are, eight years later, and the boots are worn out. A replacement pair has been purchased, and the old ones have been retired. However, as I carried the old ones out to the trash today, I stopped and set them down. Boots carry many memories in their old soles.  My old boots were with me on my first day of fencing, my first cattle checking adventure, and my first branding.  These boots got me through my first summer in God’s Country working on Uncle Kenny and Aunt Marilyn’s farm.

Needless to say, Billy the Garbage Man isn’t taking these boots today. They’ll be put in the basement with all of the other “junk” that I’m too sentimental to throw out.

Today, give thanks for all of the places your trusty footwear has taken you. Without those adventures, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Thanks for reading,
The Displaced City Girl

6 thoughts on “Old Boots

  1. Love this post. Use your old boots as planters. I have planted flowers in my Dad’s retired boots for 8 seasons now. Great memories.

  2. I just saw on Pinterest some made into bird houses and a real cute Christmas arrangement (holly & fake greenery arranged in a boot) hanging from ribbons on a front door. Or if you really like them, they might be worth saving. Jim has taken pairs to a shoe repair place several times over the years 🙂

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