Shout Out to My Mother-in-Law

I really lucked out in marrying John. He’s smart, good looking, quite funny (although not as funny as he was when we were dating…sound familiar, ladies?), but best of all, his family rocks!

We don’t vacation. Our summers aren’t spent by a lake or a pool or in a camper in the the mountains. Instead, we head about ten miles south, straight to my mother-in-law’s kitchen. Over Goldfish (for the boys, of course) and a glass of wine (for the ladies, of course), we spend our summers in conversation and memory making.

My mother-in-law is laid back and loving. She goes with the flow and rarely gets her feathers ruffled, even with two toddlers, two interns, a grown son, a daughter-in-law, and now a kitty running around her house. The first thing the boys ask for in the morning is whether or not we are going to “Gramma’s house”. It’s really better than a vacation home, because the cupboards are always stocked, and there is plenty of entertainment for the boys.

Today, the boys and I picked up Grandma on our way to the big city to grocery shop and dine at Dairy Queen. Nothing spectacular occurred today, but it was one of those little adventures that the boys (and I) will treasure.



So, we might lead a simple life, but that is OK. Traveling can wait until retirement.  Just kidding. Hopefully by then I will be following in my mother-in-law’s footsteps, with some grandkids running around.

From my “vacation home” to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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