Mini Vacation

The destination for our recent mini vacation just happens to be one of my favorite places in the world: Sioux Falls (and rural Canton). The boys and I hit the road early Thursday morning for four days away.

1st stop: Wiley Park in Aberdeen to blow off some steam at the playground. We followed this up with lunch at McD’s.



2nd stop: The Children’s Museum in Brookings. This was our first visit to the museum, and I was utterly blown away by the facility. If you have never been, definitely consider making a trip to Brookings. My sister-in-law, niece, and nephew met us there.

Cousins fishing at the museum pond


3rd stop: My parents’ barn house. It was so nice to finally get there. They live in a remodeled barn south of Sioux Falls. The location is secluded and beautiful. When asked what Gunder’s favorite part of vacation was, he said “Granny’s house.” We all love being at the barn house.

4th stop: Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum. This was so much fun. One of my favorite people, Kamille, her two girls, and her mom met my boys, my mom, and I at the zoo for a fun morning. It was HOT, so we only stayed a couple of hours, but I enjoyed this part of the trip so much.

Getting toddlers to cooperate for photos is like working with baby labradors...crazy!

The final highlight of the weekend was the wedding of my dear friend Tom and his wife Carly. I went with my sister and her husband. Not only was the wedding beautiful and enjoyable, but several times I was doubled over in laughter because of things my sister said. If you have never met her, you need to; she’s the best. JK, don’t meet her; she’s mine!

Getting away from home is sometimes difficult to do, but I love going back “home” so much. I try to pack in as much as possible each time, but it gets harder every time. I am so thankful for the time I am given with the people I love in the places I love.

Thank you God for all of these blessings!
The Displaced City Girl

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