Our Minnesota Vacation

Our family returned last night from a trip to Minnesota. We were not sure if John would be able to join us, but he was able to get away from the ranch for a few days. It was our first overnight trip together since Christmas!

As always, I totally loved every piece of being in the city. We actually didn’t even venture into Minneapolis, but having a CVS and a Target within a five minute driving distance is what my dreams are made of. The aunt and uncle that we stayed with live in the most beautifully landscaped, luscious neighborhood. I never get tired of Minnesota’s trees. 

While John golfed and spent time with my uncles, my aunts and I took the boys to the Minnesota Zoo. We didn’t bring a stroller, and those boys’ little legs walked around that awesome zoo for almost three hours! We didn’t even see the entire zoo. I look forward to going back when the boys are older. 

The big part of the trip was hauling my grandpa’s Ford 8N tractor to my uncles’ shop so they could get it running. As a child, I spent countless hours on that tractor, and when my dear grandpa died four years ago, I inherited it. Not only did  my uncles get the tractor running, but they offered to keep it and paint it! Boy are people going to get sick of seeing me in parades!

The million hour drive was a little crazy but well worth it. One kid was sick on the way there, and the other was sick on the way home. But really, what elae can parents of toddlers expect?

Our gracious God provided us with the means to get away for a few days, and I am so thankful. That time with my family was well spent and much needed. I am also grateful for gracious hosts. Inviting parents with toddlers into your home for three nights is no small gesture, and we thank you!

Now, it’s back to the laundry room!

From our ranch to yours,

The Displaced City Girl 

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