A Pig-tastic Evening

In March, a friend of ours posted pictures on Facebook of a new litter of pigs on her family’s farm. I wanted to take the boys out to see the piglets, but life got in the way. Tonight we made up for it and went to visit. The boys were amazed by the FOURTEEN piglets, the mama sow, and the huge boar. 

The babies were so darn cute! If only they were as snuggly as they look, right?!

Now that I am married into a cattle operation, I know a few things about cows, but I know very little about pigs. Here are a few things I learned:

1. A sow can have 18 piglets, but that isn’t on average. 

2. Boar testicles do not look like bull testicles. 

3. Piglets are weaned at about six weeks. 

This adventure was one that wouldn’t happen in the city. It makes me thankful for nice friends and country adventures as well as a little hungry for some bacon. 

From our place to yours,

The Displaced City Girl 

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