Why I Show Up on Sundays

Sundays have been “church day” for as long as I can remember. I didn’t grow up in an overly active church family, but on Sunday mornings I went to Sunday school and worship service. 

As I grew up, church became a place of utmost comfort. It was a place of friendship, love, forgiveness, joy, learning…I loved church. Today, little has changed. We worship on Sundays in order to start our brand new weeks off on the right track. In the Lutheran church the confession and absolution take place at the beginning of the service. We are washed clean of our sin right from the start. Can you believe that?! I can hardly wrap my mind and heart around that glorious gift, and I have been living in this for almost thirty years! Missing worship service with my church family seems to set my whole week off on an uncomfortable note. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of representing Norway and Trinity Lutheran churches at a WELCA conference. Not only was the day filled with fellowship, a delicious meal, and beautiful music, but the message by Pastor Liz tugged at the heart and made us all grateful to belong to the ELCA where all are welcome, loved, forgiven, and saved. Her message was from Ephesians 2. We are saved by God’s grace because He loves us. There is nothing, NOTHING, we can do to earn a place with Him. No matter what we are sinners with innumerable transgressions, but because of Christ’s love for us, we are saved. The Good Samaritan Society’s motto “In Christ’s Love Everyone is Someone” reflects that message from Ephesians so well. 

Today was a typical Sunday complete with worship, communion, fellowship, and football. As this day comes to an end and we prepare for the week ahead, I am reminded how grateful I am for all of the gifts I have received but mostly I am thankful for religion and Sundays. Without it, what else matters? 

Remember that you are a beloved, planned child of God.

Peace and Blessings, 

The Displaced City Girl 

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