Friday Mornings

I can hear the tune almost before it comes on as I anticipate the beginning of Story Corps on Friday mornings. I’m usually pulling into town right at 7:30 as NPR airs a Story Corps interview for the week. 

Listening to these conversations is more than entertainment for me. Hearing the stories of people from all walks of life and cities across the country allows me to feel part of something bigger. Each week as I laugh to myself or quietly wipe tears, I know I am one of thousands of people listening to that story at that very moment. It is amazing. 

This week’s story was no exception. It was a story of love, new beginnings, & finding the way through a brand new world. As I scroll through my Facebook news feed, I am disappointed in people. The hatred, ignorance, and awful manners that saturate social media, especially in an election year, always seem to surprise me. To listen to a refreshing story about the innocence of the human spirit is a gift. Thank you Story Corps. 

Click here for the story. 

I hope you can find and appreciate the gifts around you. 

Peace and Blessings, 

The Displaced City Girl 

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