Deer Bashing Season

Hunters, not that you need it, but you have my blessing to get out there on opening day and give this year’s rifle season your best shot (pun intended). I have hunted deer myself, but now that I am a busy mom, I save the fun of stalking around in freezing cold weather for the hardcore hunters. When I wake up at 5:00 AM on a Saturday, it’s because of toddlers wanting Paw Patrol, not a burning desire to don my blaze orange attire. 

Anyway, this morning a kamikaze deer bashed herself into the side of my beloved minivan. This crazy creature sprinted up the ditch and nailed me right on the front driver’s side. All of the side airbags went off, and it figuratively scared the poop out of me, but it literally scared the poop out of Ms.Bambi as was evidenced by the smear down the side of the van. 

Thanks to this horribly scary and inconvenient situation I am without my vehicle, and the boys are without their glorified DVD player. If you ask them, the loss of the movie-watching is much more serious than the loss of the actual vehicle. 

I thank God for our safety, my husband’s patience, and my boss’ understanding . This morning was a tearful, crazy time, but thankfully we have a pick-up for me to use and caring neighbors who made sure the boys and I were safe. 

So, in the season of deer sniping, I hope you hunters find great success. We  need fewer minivan destroyers roaming the countryside. 

Peace and Blessings,

The Displaced City Girl 

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