Kindness is Key

I have a short fuse.  It does not take much to upset or irritate me, as I am certain even my three year old son can attest to. However, that does not stop me from trying to be kind and teaching the importance of kindness to my boys and my students.

Yesterday, as I walked in to Wells Fargo bank in our small town, I was approached by a protester for the Dakota Access Pipeline project. I smiled at him and listened to what he had to say.  He was a respectful man protesting peacefully.  It is my hope that everyone whom he encountered yesterday treated him with kindness.

As I search through various posts on social media, it saddens me to see such hateful, ignorant comments. We live in a world protected with screens.  We think that simply because we are behind our computer or behind our cell phone that we can say whatever we want.  But we shouldn’t.  Speaking our minds is generally completely unnecessary.  Again, this is something that I have not always been good about, but I am working on it.

The way we say things is also important.  One of my principals showed us a video for State Farm Insurance.  You’ll notice that both the girl and the man say the exact same phrases, but the way in which they say the phrases differs quite greatly.  This video reminds me that saying things with a smile on my face and with kindness in my voice can really make all the difference.

My hopes for me:

  1. That I can continue to become a calmer, kinder person.
  2. That I can live by the things I encourage others to do.

My hopes for you:

  1. Speak and write kind words.
  2. Avoid arguing with people who will never be changed.


Thank you for reading,
The Displaced City Girl


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