Ode to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime oh how I adore you so
What did I do without you so long ago?
Toilet paper, paper towels, and diapers galore
Arrive in two days stacked nicely by my door.
UPS Jeff never has a dull day
It seems twice a week he’s parked at my driveway
Bringing me goodies from my beloved Amazon Prime.
With the app, I can shop even at bedtime.
I am a music junky, as my students know well
If the Wi-Fi isn’t working, we all raise hell.
We like to listen to music while we work,
this is just another Amazon Prime perk!
My dear Katie Brown hears it five times a day,
but I love Amazon Prime; don’t take it away!
My kids love the movies; I love it all.
Without A.P. I might have a withdrawal.


For $100 a year you get:

  1. Instant streaming on movies
  2. Instant streaming on television shows
  3. Instant streaming of TONS of music
  4. Free 2 day shipping on a bajillion items
  5. Plus all kinds of other great perks!


Fantasizing about Prime,
The Displaced City Girl

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