‘Tis the Season (Be Kind)

Merry Christmas, dear readers! I know it isn’t quite Christmas, but it amazes me how quickly the holiday weekend is approaching us.  Papa Essie was right when he said that time goes faster as a person gets older.

Christmas is a wonderfully joyful, nostalgic, yet often times difficult time of the year.  The lights and decorations remind us of our childhoods.  We are excited for the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  Yet, we are reminded of those who aren’t with us or times that haven’t been so easy.

So, here is my Christmas message to you.  Be kind.  This is the most wonderful time of the year for many people, but not for all people.  Let’s share Christ’s love with those around us.  A simple smile and “Hello” goes a long way in making a person feel noticed and appreciated.  Make eye contact and greet the people you pass on the sidewalks or in the grocery store aisles.  Not only will it make those around you feel better, but my guess is you will feel better, too.

I pray that God’s presence is felt in your life over this Christmas holiday. Please share it with those whom you meet.

Be kind,
The Displaced City Girl

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