Happy New Year

Dear Friends, Family, and Readers,

Happy 2017! Last year was a year of discernment and questioning, but it was also a year of many blessings and adventures. Some of the exciting things that happened in 2016 were:

1. My family went on a pre-calving Minnesota vacation in February. 

2. I attended a life-changing retreat at Camp of the Cross. Amy Current, you are a rock star. 

3. My bff Katie visited for a weekend getaway. I will never listen to Mr. Jones without thinking of her and smiling. 

4. John and I saw Weezer in Sioux Falls with my sister and her husband. It was so much fun!

5. My friend and co-worker Ann and I organized the first middle school book fair at our school. Students presented their amazing projects to their peers and the public. 

6. In June I got to see my bestie Kamille, her girls, and her mom for a fun day at the Great Plains Zoo. Kamille and I don’t get to see each other nearly enough. 

7. My other favorite Katie started teaching again, so I get to see her every day!

8. Our boys continue to grow and learn. They are our greatest treasure. 

9. I turned 30. The 30s are going to be so much better than the 20s. I’m already loving it. 

10. My extended family was able to see each other several times. Having aunts and uncles and in-laws whom we are close with is a major blessing.  

This new year is going to be wonderful. We’re starting off with an NBA game and a long drive back to South Dakota in the morning. I truly hope this new year is a fresh new start for you to have the best year and life possible. 

God bless,

The Displaced City Girl 

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