We’ve Ruined Our Sons

On New Year’s Day, my family had the unbelievable opportunity to watch the Timberwolves game from a box suite at the Target Center! We had about twenty family members there with room to spare. 

Our suite was loaded with a fridge full of beverages, a buffet full of food, and some great [elevated] center court seats. I felt like a Kardashian really living the high life up there. However, my husband and I realized one problem. We’ve spoiled our boys. We’ve ruined the basketball experience! What if they think ALL basketball games need to be enjoyed from such high-class quarters? I guess they’ll get over it and realize most games we’ll be watching will be watched from uncomfortable bleachers in a high school gym. 

I absolutely love Minneapolis and think I’d move there in a minute if given the chance. I look forward to our next visit and cheering on the Wolves again next season. Now that the boys know how to howl, they’ll really be able to cheer next time. Hopefully Crunch hears them the next time we visit. 

Go Timberwolves!

The Displaced City Girl 

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