We are enjoying day three of our Mexican resort vacation. We are staying at a Secrets resort, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a getaway. 

The best parts of our trip so far:

1. Spending our 7th anniversary together on vacation 

2. Naps

3. A tan (sunburn actually) in January 

4. Baths in what appears to be an Olympic-sized tub

5. Ocean views

6. Interesting meals (Check Instagram@thedisplacedcitygirl to see Jim)

7. Room service

8. 24 hour shuttle service around the resort

9. Knowing my boys are safe and having fun with their grandma

10. Almost finished my 2nd book (I brought 5)

2 thoughts on “Vacation 

  1. Just returned from a sorority sisters reunion at Dreams. Already planning the next one! Is Secrets more for couples, or would a group of 50-plus ladies have a good time there as well?

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