A Thought on my Marriage

I love John. I knew it almost immediately. It was ridiculous how quickly I fell all oogly-googly for him. We’ve been married for seven years now. I have no clue how that snuck up on us, but it did. 

As a middle school teacher, many unplanned conversations arise in the classroom. Yesterday, I was waiting for a phone call from my insurance company. It was a very important call, and I knew it might come during class. So I explained it to my students and thanked them for understanding. Well, of course they wanted to know what the call was about. I explained to them to not wish away their childhood, because dealing with adult things like insurance isn’t fun. “But you have money and can do whatever you want!” they cried. Well, actually no. The conversation continued longer than necessary, and one girl raised her hand and asked, “You rely on your husband to help pay bills?! My mom says you should never rely on anyone but yourself.” 

Well, Miss Incredulous Adolescent, yes I do rely on my husband. We are a team. We work together to figure things out. We contribute to our home and family. We share child-raising responsibilities. That’s how our marriage works. 

I am blessed with a happy marriage, two insanely boisterous boys, a family dog, and enough money to pay the bills. 

High five, Johnny!

Thanks for reading, 
The Displaced City Girl 

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