Church Day

Saturdays are “Hang Out Day”s, Sundays are “Church Day”s, and the other five days are “Pam Day”s. The boys especially love Hang Out Day because we get to wear jammies super late and do wonderfully exciting things together, like walk to the post office for mail or the local grocery store to see Bobby Jo. 

Today was obviously Church Day. As several churches in our area are between pastors, I have been helping out where I can. We celebrated Palm Sunday at Pollock Lutheran Church, and it was great. There were so many children waving palm branches and singing; it made me so happy. 

After church, I went to a bridal shower at the church. When I returned, the boys were ready for an adventure. John and I loaded the boys, including Chester, and drove down to the river. After checking out the river, we went to the ranch to make sure everything was ok with all of the new calves.  It’s a gift to live in a place totally surrounded by adventure! 

I would’ve liked to meander around Target today or enjoy some frozen yogurt, but watching my boys throw rocks into Lake Oahe was quite the treat. I’d have none of this without Jesus’ sacrifices. Today we celebrated Jesus riding in on a donkey knowing full well what was about to happen. By the end of the week we’ll be remembering his crucifixion. What an amazing gift we have been given. 

Hang Out Days refresh my mind and body, but Church Days feed my soul. 

Peace and Blessings, 

The Displaced City Girl 

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