Adulting is Hard

Disclaimer: As an English major, I am not sure if I am supposed to embrace the conversion of nouns to verbs, but I do.  I love it! Adult-adulting, google-googling, mom-momming.


We teach our children so many lessons.  Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and many other programs teach children what it means to be a good friend, how to have patience, and how to rein in a bad temper.  “When you get mad and you want to roar, take a deep breath ::deep breath:: and count to four!”  This is what I want my children to do, but why is it so difficult to follow suit.

Yesterday I re-learned a valuable lesson.  I became horribly upset about an incident at school involving workplace gossip.  This is something that bothers me, and I try to go directly to the source when I hear of problems, because we all know that the rumor mill generally grinds up the truth and spews out something much different than whatever was originally said.  Most people find confrontational situations difficult to handle, and that was at the root of yesterday’s problem.  I’ll admit, I lost my temper, but at the end of the conversation, I re-learned that everyone is dealing with their own battles.  Every single one of us has struggles in our lives, and we need to keep that in mind.  Before jumping to conclusions, I need to remember to remain calm and think about what the other person might be going through, too.

That being said, the situation also reminded me that we also need to try to leave our problems at the door.  Sometimes this is hard if not impossible to do, but when there is a job to be done the focus should be on the job, in this case teaching kids.  We are all dealing with things, but we need to try to focus on the task at hand rather than the problems going on in our personal lives. Why is adulting so dang tricky?

These flowers remind me that even through the crumbly, brown parts of life beautiful things can bloom. 

We live.  We learn.  We forgive.

Life is a beautiful thing.

The Displaced City Girl

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