My Rhubarb 

I’m nearly obsessed, folks. My rhubarb plants are two of my most favorite things! This time of year, I spend a lot of time canning and freezing my bountiful rhubarb crop. Of course, I also share with friends. When I’m not busy canning or creating the most delicious rhubarb desserts, I can be found simply ogling my rhubarb plants from a lawn chair. It’s a problem. A real problem. 

They’re amazing, right? 
Yesterday, I canned 3 quarts of strawberry-rhubarb sauce and 4 pints of jam. Then, I created a rhubarb custard recipe and threw a pie together. I cannot be stopped. If you’re in the area, you know enjoying God’s Country and standing in awe of beautiful Lake Oahe, and you find yourself hankering for some rhubarb stop on over. I will hook you up. 

Back to my plants,

The Displaced City Girl 

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