Ending of a Chapter

Some might call my current situation “bittersweet,” but there is no bitterness in me today.  The words to a favorite hymn keep coming to mind, “It is well, it is well with my soul.”  God walked beside me, pushed me from behind like I was a stubborn mule, and many times over the last two years he has carried me.  And here I am, at the end an eight year adventure as a middle school reading teacher and at the beginning of a new road in ministry.  God is good!

The last eight years have been nothing short of colorful, exciting, heart-wrenching, frustrating, yet wonderfully fulfilling. Teaching is weird. Teaching is difficult. Many of my students touched my life and hold an unforgettable place in my heart.  Some of my fellow teachers became lifelong friends. These years have been life-shaping.

In the coming months, I will begin the transition from Mrs. Odde the teacher to Vicar Odde the S.A.M. (synodically approved minister).  This will not only be a transition for me as I begin a new role and start graduate school again, but this will be a transition for my family.  I am excited and grateful to everyone who has supported me through this process so far, and I look forward to the road ahead for our parish.

I ask God to continue to guide me, and when needed, I hope he continues to pull me up by my lapels and shake me around a bit.  Because sometimes, listening is hard, and we need a little shaking around to get us back on track.

Pray for your pastors and church leaders; they need it.

Peace & Blessings,
The Displaced City Girl


3 thoughts on “Ending of a Chapter

  1. Best wishes in the challenges that lie before you. From previous posts, I know that you have touched young lives and they will be better for having such a gifted teacher.

  2. Oh Jaimie – We’re so happy for you and proud of you all together!!! Yes! What a journey is this thing called life and especially the faith walk that takes many of us to places we never expected to be! No doubt your teaching experiences will be powerful resources for you in your ministry. God will continue to guide and support your future as as your past and present. :))

    1. Thank you Pastor Barbara! So much of my discernment revolved around W.N. and the wonderful people there who helped guide me in my faith walk. Thanks for all you did for me. Peace and Blessings to you!

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