My Poshmark Opinion

It’s no big secret that I like to shop online. I don’t buy much, but I love to peruse. I’m a busy mom who lives two hours from Target. So, lollygagging around a store with a Starbucks in my hand doesn’t work for me. 

Every time I’m on Pinterest, ads for something called Poshmark pop up. The ads usually promise the secret to finding big brands like Birkenstocks, Keens, Victoria’s Secret for a low price. Intriguing! This morning I decided to check it out. 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It’s a bunch of used stuff. Now, I LOVE thrifting, but Poshmark blew my mind. People are asking $100+ for shoes that have been worn. Their toe marks permanently staining the bed of sandals. Gross. Why do people think their used stuff is worth so much? Unless the people selling these used garments are celebrities or something, I don’t get it. I have seen this same thing on Facebook rummage sites: people try to sell their used junk for an atrocious price. 

Anyway, I’m going back to searching through clearance sections instead of online secondhand sites. 

As I wrote this it reminded me that in high school I had a friend “J” who had a major crush on the brother of my other friend “S.” So, “S” brought the old retainer of her brother’s, and gave it to “J.” “J” was thrilled. So, one man’s junk (or used orthodontia) is another man’s (or teenage girl’s) treasure. 

Have a great week,

The Displaced City Girl 

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